Finishing the kite and an Award!

This post is the seventh of eight, showing this artwork develop from start to finish. See the first parts:
1. Mental Health Week Exhibition
2. Progress…
3. Painting painting
4. The kite progresses…
5. Theatre and kites
6. Wood carving

My kite is nearly done now. I’ve finished the butterfly body and now I’m stitching in the hair. Here she is propped up on a pot of paint so I can reach underneath to stitch.

And here you can see I’ve finished half of the hair. Doesn’t she look so much more feminine now? 🙂 I brought the yarn with all the other supplies before I started any painting, so the colours match well.

And lastly, something nice came in the post, my certificate for one of my haiga, that received a highly commended in the Salisbury Writer’s Festival competition. I’m pretty pleased about this considering it was my first haiku and my first haiga:

And here is the haiga:

See the finished kite here!

I appreciate hearing from you

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