New art projects – happy shoes and pendant

This post is the fourth in a five part series. To see earlier posts, click on
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2. Tafe Jewellery Fundamentals
3. Tafe Pendant

I’ve had one of those stressful days where, for one reason and another, I’ve spent most of it feeling like I can’t catch my breath. So, when a friend suggested catching up at art group at MIFSA, I was pretty happy to schedule in some chill-out time. And I got a new pair of shoes started! These ones are for me, after this pair I’ll set up a new page on this blog and open for orders. 😀 

The paints have an iridescent medium mixed in so the colours are all awesome and sparkly. I can’t wait to have them done and wear them out! 

My TAFE final project – worth 70% of my grade, is also coming along well. I only have one more studio session left to finish it in, but I think I’ll make it. I also have to finish off the journal and backup work sometime  before Thursday… feeling the pressure a little bit! 

Here it is: a rose petal in silver. The long ‘tail’ on it will be pulled to the back in a curl, the chain will go through that loop to suspend it. The surface has been polished and then hammered to give it that lovely ripple effect – I think it looks like light catching ripples on water. One edge has been curled down and the other curled up, and a little fluted to give it a natural look. 

The reverse I spent an hour emerying all the tool marks and scratches out of it and then polished to a mirror shine. We have to have one highly polished surface at least to show that we have learned this skill. So, this Thursday I will be bending the loop, engraving a line from a poem – that’s proving difficult to choose! – and then repolish and clean the whole piece until it’s blindingly shiny and I can submit it for assessment. Nothing to it!

See the final product here!

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