Good things in inboxes

Eeeeee! Finally my long awaited 6th and 7th books of Garth Nix 7 part Keys to the Kingdom series have arrived! I’ve nearly gnawed my own arms off in anticipation, I was hoping they’d be here last week. Now to pace myself and not read them both through on the bus today.

And I’ve received an email saying that my photo series Ink not Blood has been accepted for display at Kill the Silence, the event being held in October. I’ll also be reading poetry during the evening – see my What’s On page for details.

And this evening I’m going to Words @ the Wall, a poetry event held in the State Library on North Terrace. Tonight will feature Persian poetry, so if you’re wandering the city at 5.30 feeling curious about culturally diverse poetry – please join us, entry is free. 🙂 All the details are here. Now back to my Tafe homework…

I appreciate hearing from you

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