Radio Adelaide Interview

So, yesterday I trundled down to Radio Adelaide to be interviewed by the fun and funky Nikki Marcel. The HCA arranged a number of these, to be edited and aired during Mental Health Week. The idea is to interview some folks like me with mental illnesses as part of working to reduce stigma in the community. So, I was quite excited and a bit nervous. Interviews make me quite a lot more anxious than writing, because I’m not the one asking the questions! Plus, the think-on-your-feet factor. Well, it went well! I took in a favourite song, and talked about why I chose it and what it means to me. Nikki had actually come here and read parts of my blog so she asked questions about various of my projects and pet passions. I sped right up like I do when I’m nervous or excited and talked a mile a minute. And even then, we still managed to turn a 7 minute interview into a 15 minute one. Whoops! Good fun for the editor to prune down, that one. That’s because answering questions about recovery from mental illness or the difficulty of managing invisible disabilities in a very very short amount of time is not something I’m good at! But I think I did a good job, hopefully they’ll tell me when it’s airing and I’ll let you know. 🙂

Actually, getting involved in community radio is something I’ve been thinking about for awhile. So I took the opportunity to have a chat about that and have signed up for some training there next year. 😀 I think it could be a great opportunity to meet some new people, learn some exciting new skills, and continue to find fun and creative ways to get good messages about mental health out there. Because I have so much spare time on my hands…

In other developments, I was very politely asked if I have any other profile pictures for an event I’ll be in shortly. I’ve been using the one posted on my About Sarah page because it is a) recent b) close up c) has a nice plain background and d) just me in it and I’m actually all done up with nice hair etc. Why is it people get cameras out on the days I’m lazing about in my PJ’s? But, you can’t really see my eyes, and I was asked if I had any others. This is a persistent problem for me. Everyone’s eyes close up a bit when they are giving a genuine, happy, you-just-tickled-my-funnybone, pleased to be alive smile – as opposed to the kinds we give for photographs and in job interviews, where we flash teeth in a kind of grimace. Some of us however, have eyes that vanish entirely when we’re feeling happy, pop inside the head for a quick cup of tea and a scone. Honestly, if I ever won the lottery I probably wouldn’t be able to see at all for weeks! Well, actually I guess that might not just be me… But yes, in my case, you get eyes or teeth, but not both at the same time!

Isn’t it strange the kind of odd requests you have to try and be prepared for when you’re building a career out of nothing? When and how would someone like me, on my income, have a bunch of appropriate recent profile pictures? I don’t know, life is a strange and marvellous thing. So, I went through the last few years photos looking for anything remotely suitable, and sent out a couple that might be. And, because I was feeling tickled by the query, then I sent in this one from New Years Eve a couple of years back:

No news yet on which picture they’ll use. 🙂 You can see my eyes though! (and, this was taken at the end of the night – my facepaint held up really well! Black lippy instead of paint next time though)

I appreciate hearing from you

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