Writing a paper!

Cary and I are still frantically working on our paper – due tomorrow. We had a last minute re think and decided to change the category and double the word count. I’ve just got home from MIFSA now, and that’s simply because a packet of gummi snakes from the vending machine can only keep me going for so long. So I’ve come home for my staple working-late dinner – tinned soup. We’ve got about 3,400 words, to be edited back to 3,000, and we’re still at that point where not all the sentences end, and random words such as “iatrogenic” are standing in for entire paragraphs. All good so far!

In other news, my car is running again, and the hot water service has been given a stern talking to and is limping along albeit leaking about 1/2 litre an hour… not ideal, but warm showers are back on the menu. 

I appreciate hearing from you

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