Kill the Silence went really well

It was a great evening, very heartfelt and a nice atmosphere.

I didn’t know almost anyone there, and turning up at 4.30 to hang art, but not having my poetry reading on until 8.30 made it a bit of a long night for me. Here’s my Ink not Blood display:

I hope other people will find them inspiring too. I had to explain to a few people that I wasn’t trying to incite self-harm, these works were aimed at other people like me who have issues with self-harm already and were trying to find ways to overcome it. You will be able to buy an 8×10 print of any of these photos from my To Buy page soon.

There was a small collection of art around themes of loss, mental illness and suicide, some painted as tributes to lost friends, such as this beautiful painting by Emerson Ward, an artist who’s work is often displayed at the Medieval Fair.

The sign in the painting reads “Your art is your soul, don’t sell it cheap”.

I also really liked this one, “Nesting Babooshka’s of Mourning” by Jackie Reichstein.

Myself and one other poet read a few poems about recovering from mental illness or caring for someone who’s struggling with mental illness, and they were well received. A friend suggested recording it and pod casting, which I think is a great idea. I’ll work on getting some voice recordings included here as I figure out the process. 
I love to express a full range of emotions and experiences through my art, and I appreciated having a venue where darker, confronting works had a home too, even if only for a night. It was a really thoughtful, positive, and creative way to remember lost friends. 
*If you are one of these artists, and do not wish for your work to appear here, please contact me and I’ll remove it immediately.

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