Buy Art Shoes

You can now buy your own pair of Art Shoes from me!

Cat shoes
Here’s the process: you need to contact me to arrange getting to me a pair of plain canvas shoes in your size. I don’t buy the shoes myself because I really don’t want you to discover after they’ve been painted that there’s a size issue. You go out and buy some that fit from places such as Kmart, Spendless Shoes, or Target, and get them to me to paint. You should be able to get some cheaply, I pay between $5 and $15 for mine. If you need to post them to me, I’ll re-use the bag to send them back when they’re done so you’ll know exactly how much postage to add to the cost. These measures allow me to offer the shoes to you at a lower price and confident they’ll fit. 🙂
  • Standard adult pair: $50
  • Infant or children’s pair: $20
  • Fancy boots that go right up your leg – contact me 🙂
  • Add a little beading (see below): add $10 to the overall cost. 
Butterfly and beetle shoes with beads
Will they last? Absolutely! How well they wear depends a lot on how well you treat them. They are water fast, painted with fabric paint and then heat set. So no need to worry when walking in the rain, they hold up fine. Hand wash them if needed, I DON’T recommend putting them through your washing machine as it’s pretty hard on them and the colours will fade. Black and white are the most vulnerable colours, they both age to grey, so I recommend choosing a design that doesn’t include much of either, or not wearing them through mud and dirt if you do.
Cat shoes

Every pair that I paint is entirely unique and one off, but as you can see I do paint themes so please feel welcome to ask for cat shoes etc. I’m also happy to work with your design, so if you want pandas on a pink background we can do it. You can see the style I paint these and yours will look similar. If for some reason you don’t like the end result you don’t have to purchase them. I’ll keep the shoes to sell elsewhere. This helps me cover the cost of my paints as it will likely take a long time to find someone else with the same tastes and shoe size! I also retain the right to use pictures of your shoes, for example to post here on my blog. 🙂 

Happy shoes are truly awesome, they always make me want to dance!
Poppy shoes
Butterfly shoes
Penguin shoes
Sunset kangaroo shoes
Bug and beetle shoes

Rainbow boots

Peacock Shoes

Solar System Shoes

Mexican Folk Art Shoes

I appreciate hearing from you

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