Cleo is a bit sick

She’s developed an eye infection which is all swollen and sore.

I’m bathing it regularly with salt water to help kill off any bacteria, and she’s being really good about keeping it clean. She’s feeling rather miserable and wanting lots of cuddles at the moment. I’m keeping a close eye on it and if I think it’s getting worse I’ll get a vet involved, but at the moment I think she’ll get over it herself.

Tiger is going really well, he’s been very healthy despite the FIV and no trouble at all. He’s a lovely friendly fellow, with a funny penchant for eating odd things! I’ve had to hide the cotton tips as he seems to think they’re cat snacks, and when he’s happy he licks whatever is nearby… the chair, pillow, blanket, or my fingers! Good exfoliation I’m sure, but I am having to use a lot more hand moisturiser!

The two have been all energised by the spring weather and when they’re not sleeping in patches of sunshine they enjoy chasing each other about the house. It seems to be pretty fair about taking it in turns who chases and who runs away which I’m happy about. They’re not closely bonded like litter-mates often are but they certainly seem to enjoy each other’s company. 🙂

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