Poppy shoes and Mindshare

Here’s my latest painted shoes, coming along well.

I’m really pleased with the design, I really love poppies!

Plan to work on them more today. Apparently I’ve missed out on something happening at MIFSA with Kelly Vincent and Borderline Personality Awareness, which I am most unimpressed about! Still, I’m really enjoying painting these, so not at all a bad way to spend the afternoon. The shoes may or may not appear in the photo that will accompany the article in the Messenger next week, depending on which one gets picked. 🙂

I’ve found where all the Messenger stories are being shown online! You can go here to read all the different articles celebrating overcoming mental illness and the launch of Mindshare. Each person is featured in their local Messenger paper so this is the only place where all the stories and gorgeous photos are together. Apparently mine will be up at the end of next week! Really looking forward to the launch of Mindshare. Can’t wait to see the new website all up and running.

I appreciate hearing from you

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