Homelessness Art Award

Wow, what an exciting evening! I was presented with an award this evening at the Emerging Artists Big Circle Arts Exhibition! It was for “a work that effectively captures an idea or feeling”, and came with a bag of goodies including a deeply appreciated gift voucher to Premier Art Supplies. That’s going to fill in a few more colours for my paint range and buy some new paper. 🙂 Here she is: Homelessness.

I’m so excited! I’ve been checking my memory all evening, and I think this is the first time I’ve won an award for an artwork. I’ve taken out a couple of highly commended and sold works on occasion, but my first award! I’m so thrilled, it was the best pain relief for my extremely sore mouth after three very deep fillings this afternoon.

It gets better – at the end of the evening I was informed the work had sold! Hurrah! I’m so very pleased. I have another 6 works on display for Mental Health week at The Box Factory, entry is free and the venue is disability friendly so please take a look.

My personal excitements aside, it was a great evening, music provided by the JMG band, some lovely brief speeches, (my nervous and slurry acceptance was not among them!) and wonderful poems and comedy by Kylie Harrison. I’m really enjoying having come to enough of these events that I can find familiar faces and people to chat with now. It was lovely to see you all!

I appreciate hearing from you

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