Ink Paintings – Creativity

Well, today I gingerly hoisted myself into my studio to work on my talk, still a bit worse the wear from the new fillings. On Thursday I’ll be giving a short talk as part of the Open Your Mind evening, which is very exciting and I’m really looking forward to the event! I was asked to bring a powerpoint with artwork on it, and after much deliberation decided to paint a new series of ink paintings especially for the occasion. I’ve done the storyboard and preliminary sketches, now here are the paintings, all hanging up to dry:

I’m really pleased with the effect, the blending technique I learned from a Chinese style of ink painting, which uses two brushes at the same time – one to load strong colour onto the paper, and the other to blend it softly. The sepia tone is ink, and the colours are Chinese paints layered on top once the ink has dried. This one is about how creative outlets such as art and writing can help to give you a voice:

I’m really pleased with them all! Very fiddly little creatures, ink paintings, but how I do love them. 🙂

Wednesday night is the big launch of a new blog, Mindshare. This is a huge exciting event, Mindshare will be a community blog with many different people contributing art, stories, poetry, and personal experiences with recovery from mental illness. I have some artwork on it, and will also be contributing there as a blogger! The launch is free and open to everyone, it will be a great chance to meet some of the people behind the blog, so do consider coming along!

See how the talk went, plus another ink painting in the series here.

I appreciate hearing from you

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