My Creativity talk went over well!

I’m super pleased, we had a great evening. There was moscato in the wine collection, and as I had a driver home I indulged myself. I was pretty exhausted today after such a huge non-stop week, and I’ve been reaching my limit of crowded venues, so I got there early to eat at subway for dinner and take it pretty slowly. I need to consider investing in a clicker for my powerpoints, I’m used to having a set up where my laptop is up on stage with me so I can navigate it myself. In this case, the projector was on a table at the back of the room, so I quickly roped in Mum to scroll through the slides for me. The projector was a bit fiddly – it’s always nerve wracking to discover apparently I’m the techie for the night. After some mucking about I ended up perching it on top of a box with a book under one foot to get it the right height. Jude sat on a chair in front to check that guests wouldn’t be blocking the projection, and we joked that as long as no really tall guys with hats sat there, we should be fine. A few minutes before my talk I realise that the tallest gentleman in the room, and the only one wearing a hat, is sitting directly in front of the projector! Murphy’s Law. He kindly moved off to the left and we were all good.

I did the 5 minutes well paced, I ran through it a number of times the previous night with a new countdown timer app on my phone, and every time I went over 5 minutes I cut out more material so I wouldn’t have to rush. The feedback was really good, I’d hoped to inspire people to continue being creative and a number of people said that’s what I’d done. The other guest speakers were great too, there was a lot of material to get through in one night but it didn’t feel long because it moved along quickly and everyone was interesting to listen to. The poems were great and the canvas’ they were painted on were fantastic! Then a number of us had a drink – or, in my case, a pistachio gelati mmmmmm in the cafe downstairs and yarned the night away. What an awesome wrap up to mental health week for me!

The final slide from my talk – about how creativity can aid communication, even when talking about mental health. Creativity can move conversations from clinical language and statistics, to sharing about heart and soul and meaning in a more personal and moving way. So, a very successful evening all round! Now for some serious relaxing over the weekend. 🙂

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