Cleo is on the mend :)

Hurrah, apart from being a bit sniffly when the pollen is bad here, Cleo is improving day by day. Here she is, taking over my keyboard:

Both eyes are almost completely clear now and she’s much happier in general. Here she is keeping me company while I blog:

A very faithful companion. 🙂 Tiger is also going great. He stretches right out on the rugs like his namesake, requiring everyone to step over him in the hallway. He’s a big, happy, lazy cat. They’ve got themselves sorted out now, Cleo sleeps by my side and Tiger at my feet. Well, no, I tell a lie. Cleo sleeps on my book/journal/hands/pillow and then gets pushed off until she settles down to sleep by my side… Neither like being under the covers (who can blame them in this weather?) and both require the bedroom door is left ajar for easy access to midnight snacks. 🙂

I appreciate hearing from you

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