Current exhibitions and art

This is your last chance to see Homelessness, she is going on display at the Diamond Clubhouse today, and staying there until the 20th of November, when she will go to live with her new owner. The Clubhouse is at 19 Kilkenny Rd Woodville Park, and is open Monday – Friday 9am-4pm. Parking and entry are free. 🙂 Another six of my artworks are still on display at the Box Factory in the city too, and in both cases are part of larger exhibitions with some other really fantastic artworks.

I’ve started a new oil painting. So far, it’s a hill.

I don’t know why. It started as a branch for blossoms then changed its mind and turned into a hill. I don’t know what’s going to happen next. I seem to just like hills. This is my first oil painting I’ve ever done, from last year:

I will admit, that’s a lot of hills. Will there be trees? I do like trees also. Oh the anticipation! Stay tuned to find out! :P

I appreciate hearing from you

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