TheMHS quilt and last chance for exhibition!

I forgot to post pictures of the gorgeous TheMHS quilt back when the conference was on. This was a great community project, I and many other people contributed a single patch each that were all sewn together into a total of six amazing rainbow coloured quilts! I’d love to be a part of more community/public art like this. Here’s my little patch, I embroidered it at a carers’ retreat earlier this year, using a line from one of my poems.

It reads the stars call to me, they sing in my bones. Here’s the whole quilt, my patch is the middle right hand side:

And here’s the whole row of three, people were fascinated by them and spent a lot of time looking at all of the panels. 🙂

And a quick last reminder, I currently have artwork in two exhibitions. The box factory one will be taken down on Friday, so this your last chance to see all 6 artworks – oils, ink paintings, linoprints, and a huge kite! And Homelessness is on display at the Diamond clubhouse until the end of November, when she will be going home with a new owner! I promise you they are far more lovely in person than the photographs you get here. Get in quick, free entry for both! Promise you’ll tell me all about it if you do make it in.

I appreciate hearing from you

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