I’m going to be published!

I’ve just received some great news; I’m going to be published! Earlier this year myself and a colleague Cary gave a talk for the TheMHS conference (the annual Australia/New Zealand mental health conference) about using Grounding Techniques and Grounding Kits to manage Dissociation. It went really well! Afterwards we were invited to write and submit a paper on that topic, at terribly short notice. We worked very hard on it, and managed to finish in time for the deadline.

Most excitingly, I’ve just heard that the paper has been accepted and will be published early next year in the TheMHS 2011 Book of Proceedings in the ‘Recommended Reading’ section. I’ll let you know when it’s available for purchase. 🙂

And in other great news, I’ve just found out that I’ve been awarded a subsidy entrance to the Voice Hearer’s Conference in Victoria next year! (You can read what I’m hoping to talk about there here) Wow, what an amazing day!

I’m so exhausted from all the hard work and long hours with my various projects. Last night I slept for 12 hours which was badly needed. I’ve been running on 5 a night for weeks and the pain is becoming unbearable. (My physical illness symptoms such as joint pain become a lot worse when I’m sleep deprived) So I’m enjoying having days off wherever I can and hoping to catch up on a lot of sleep before the excitement of Tafe and talks and all the new projects next year I’m so looking forward to start up again. 🙂

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