I’ll be speaking at the Voice Hearers Conference!

The good news keeps coming! Both abstracts have been accepted, so I’ll be travelling to Melbourne in February next year to speak at the Voice Hearer’s conference with fellow Peer Worker Jenny Benham. I’m so pleased! Starting to mull over how I might be able to paint aspects of the talk and if some poems such as this or this might be appropriate to share the dissociative experience… I like to make the talks less clinical and more personal where I can, especially in the context of a conference where everyone will be quite overloaded with talks and lots of information. I’ve a few series of artworks painted specifically for talks now, one about Peer Work that I gave in Melbourne earlier this year, one about Consumer Led Service Delivery that I gave at the state mental health conference Sharing Excellence, this little one about Creativity that I gave for mental health week… I think that they will make lovely booklets.

Using creativity to overcome difficult obstacles in life

We’re planning to get input from both Sound Minds (our Voice Hearer‘s group) and Bridges so that Jenny and myself won’t just be sharing our experiences, but going as ambassadors to share the thoughts of the other people in the groups.

I’m also planning to use my time there to meet up with some people who are interested in starting their own Bridges type group in Melbourne and hopefully help however I can to get that off the ground. Exciting developments!

The Cert IV in Peer Work information session was very interesting today, and I’m now contemplating how I might be able to squeeze that into next year as well…

I appreciate hearing from you

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