My critters

On a lighter note… these are the lovely critters owned by myself and/or other family members. About time I introduced them. 🙂

This is my little dog Charlie:

He’s looking pretty spiffy at the moment because I just had him washed and clipped recently. He’s about 10 years old, a mini schnauzer cross maltese. He usually has big whiskers and eyebrows like a scottie dog, but they’ve been clipped so he doesn’t fill them up with prickles. His health isn’t good, he’s completely blind, has chronic ear infections and a grade 5 heart murmur which is pretty bad. He loves short walks and hasn’t really worked out he’s blind now, so he walks into things or falls off edges like the gutter a lot if he’s not well supervised. My little backyard will be perfect for him, and no steps to get back into the house. 🙂 Where I am now the backyard is accessed by a ramp, so we’ve had to border it with shadecloth otherwise he falls off:

Meet Loki:

He’s coming with me too. He was a kitten from a litter of cats born to a sweet natured stray we took in many years ago. He’s also been very sick, the vet thinks he has a virus of some kind, although he tested neg to FIV which is a relief. He’s very very thin and lethargic and being nursed along with lots of small meals and meds at the moment. When he’s sick and grumpy he kind of looks like a owl with his big fluffy ears and yellow eyes.

Meet Sarsaparilla:

He’s a lovely friendly big cat, very healthy and smoochy with a funny little yowl if he’s confused. He’s quite timid around people he doesn’t know, but gets along well with other cats and Charlie. He was also born in a litter from a stray cat we took in, I fell in love with him and adopted him. Here he is with me as a baby:

And as a little kitten:

I’m overjoyed to have him back with me again, he’s been sleeping on my bed at nights (he gets the feet, Cleo the pillow). I love his little black nose, the white whiskers and the white tip on his tail. He’ll be coming with me too.

Meet Horatio:

Horatio was another rescued stray cat, we took him in as young cat with his family. He had a brother he adored called Orpheus, who died after being bitten by a snake. He’s very fluffy as you can see, and looking pretty nice at the  moment as I comb all the moulting fur out every evening and trim any mats out his tail that he can’t fix. His health is good and his personality is the most affectionate and sweet. He’ll be living with other family.

Here’s Cleo minding my art supplies:

She’s doing well too, she’s adapted to having other cats around but really hates Charlie, so she’ll be staying with other family until she is adopted to her forever home. Charlie accidentally walks into the cats as he can’t see them and Cleo gets very offended and attacks him, which is a bit hard because he can’t work out how to get away! He’s a bit daft the funny little fella. Cleo’s been keeping an eye on my packing and checking out my new empty bookshelves and the clean bathroom. She gets lots of love and cuddles and I’m sure she’ll be relieved to be living in a dog free house again. 🙂

Last but not least is my fish – the aquarium is difficult to transport so I haven’t decided yet if she’s coming with me or staying put. No photos at the moment as I can’t get her to stay still long enough! 🙂

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