Storms in Broken Hill

Last night, there was thunder, lightning, masses of rain and occasional blackouts here in Broken Hill. I do love a good storm. Storms are such a sensory experience, the smell of the rain (ozone), of earth turning into mud, crushed grass, rain on my skin, hair, face, hands tingling with cold, water running over my feet, lightning crashing and making my hair stand on end, feeling thunder in my bones and gut… As my personal grounding kit leans more towards intense than calming, I like to really take the time to enjoy storms. Whether that means going for a walk or drive in them, doing some gardening, going for a swim, sitting by an open window to write poems to the lightning, head down to the beach, or on a few memorable occasions, sitting in a outdoor bath of hot water. Storms are one of my times to stop everything else and ‘smell the roses’ as it were. I celebrate being able to feel and perceive and having my plans and routines interrupted for a little while.

Last night as the storm clouds rolled in, a couple of us took a car up to the top of Broken Hill, the lode, to take photos. We watched the storm come over the city, ran back to the car being lashed with rain, lightning and thunder all around, then drove the streets to watch the roads turn into rivers. Broken Hill has no drains – a little sad, I love the sound of water running down drains. Instead it has steep gutters and all the roads flood to pour down into the nearby creek. Amazing to watch and drive through.

It’s still raining today. I’m going to go for a walk back to that wonderful bookshop and decide if I want one of those fantastic art books put aside for my birthday by an obliging family member… I hope you also have cues in your life that remind you to put aside plans or gripes and feel alive every once in a while. 

2 thoughts on “Storms in Broken Hill

  1. Thunder and lightning speak to me, and I love the sound and feel of the rain drumming and pounding on the roof.

    I can experience it and still feel safe on my veranda or inside my house. Lovely, and your blog post showing it all is lovely too. Thanks for sharing, Sarah!


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