Home again

I’ve made it home from Broken Hill. The train trip felt like no time at all, but dozing through the day has left me thoroughly tired and groggy. The pets are still alive! In fact, Loki the cat is looking far healthier, which is wonderful. Charlie was apparently a complete nuisance but the lady looking after him is a tough cookie and looked after him like a star. I think he needs another vet trip, he’s still in pretty poor shape despite my efforts. His ear is still a problem despite the drops the vet gave us, his eyes look gummier than they should… he’s a bit of a wreck really! I think the lady who was looking after him has a bit of a low opinion of me as a pet owner at the moment! 😦 We’ll get there. He loved his walk this evening and is getting used to the new route and tripping up less.

I’m making progress on the move and getting a little more essential furniture organised. I now have a bed set up and a gorgeous second hand IKEA computer cupboard! I was very lucky to pick it up from eBay for 99cents. 🙂 I went to collect it and the owner kindly dismantled it in front of me so I could work out how to reassemble it, then it only took an afternoon to put it up. Now I’ve made use of the bit of space behind my front door, and I can pack away my computer so furry cats and blind dogs don’t blunder into it or snuggle up to it. I’m very pleased! The comfy chair was recycled from the hard waste collection a couple of years ago.

Which is pretty good looking I reckon considering it started off like this:
I’m very glad I made the trip to Broken Hill despite the hassles at the outset. It was very resting and refreshing, great to get to spend time with my friends there and renew my passion for the Australian Outback and bush. With a bit of careful budget balancing over the next few weeks I should be back in the black and all set to start my study. The next couple of days will have an emphasis on unpacking and putting away clothes, food, and urggghh some of the paperwork. Maybe the paperwork anyway. I feel reasonably confident about tackling the food and clothes, and watering the lawn, washing all the dirty laundry, and catching up a bit on things for the DI (Dissociative Initiative – see My Resources)… I have a talk for the Voices Vic conference to plan which I’ve been starting to think about… back into the swing of things!

I appreciate hearing from you

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