Charlie’s getting better!

I am in a very good mood since I took my dog Charlie to the vet for another checkup. The results were finally good! His bad ear is completely clear on infection now that all 3 grass seeds have come out. His other ear has become slightly inflamed in the meantime, but nothing too severe we hope. This means once I’ve run out of ointment I can stop the twice daily ear cleans and go to drops in each ear (from separate bottles) only once a week! Boy is he going to be happy about that!

His skin infections have also completely cleared up. That means the two medicated baths a week isn’t needed anymore either! We step down to one a week, then one medicated bath a month. Considering the cold weather we’ve been having and that blow drying him takes about 3/4 hr, this is a wonderful thing. 🙂

He can stop the antibiotics, which will give his poor digestive system a chance to rebuild a bit. His eye ointment is currently sufficient, he tested negative for any more eye ulcers. He’s like a new dog, and distinctly more bouncy and happy. Now I’ll be able to go back to walking him instead of spending so much time each day sticking stuff in his ears and eyes!

I still need to sort out a better dog bed situation – when it rains a lot my shed and backyard flood, which makes life a bit difficult. Next fortnight will be the first in a long time where, hopefully, I won’t be seeing the vet! Very happy about this. The euthanasia option was creeping onto the table as he wasn’t improving, in chronic pain, and my finances took a severe beating. Now it’s off again and we can limp on a bit longer. Nothing makes your day quite like discovering you don’t have to put down your dog!

Here he is, looking all woolly in his long winter coat and fresh from a bath this morning:

Charlie says hi. 🙂

4 thoughts on “Charlie’s getting better!

  1. Hi Sarah,

    Charlie is looking very grand. So pleased he is progressing, and it must be such a relief for you to no longer be thinking of the euthanasia option.



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