Bridges Welcome pack

Today folks were all late to Bridges so I got some paperwork done. 🙂 I sorted out my folders for the groups I’m involved in, culled all the out of date stuff, sorted things into plastic sleeves, printed up fresh pamphlets, and created the most comprehensive welcome pack to date for Bridges. I’m really pleased with it! Welcome packs are tricky, to my mind they should not have too much in them, but should answer the basic questions, contain information people might forget and want to look up later, contact details, and references of where to go for more information. I once signed up as a member of a carers organisation, only to be sent a huge plastic folder full of pamphlets and pages. It was so overwhelming I left it for weeks before opening it, read it all through in one sitting, promptly forgot the lot and put it away. That’s not so helpful. Here’s what’s in this one:

  1. The Coping with Hearing Voices A3 poster
  2. The Bridges Flyer (with email addresses on it for myself and Ben)
  3. A brochure about Mifsa’s Services
  4. Fact sheet about Managing Dissociation (the packs contain the Mifsa branded version)
  5. Fact sheet Introducing DID (ditto above)
  6. Dissociation Link postcard (with website address for online resources)
I am so pleased with this, it would have been such a tremendous help to have received a pack like this myself 5 years ago! I am now planning to put together something similar for the Voice Hearing group I co-facilitate, Sound Minds. I print, fold, arrange, and staple the pack together in such a way that it can all be opened and read without having to take out the staple. I couldn’t make these fast enough today, they were being snapped up left, right, and centre. If you would like a pack for yourself or to pass on, please feel welcome to contact me or Ben at Mifsa on (08) 8378 4100 or send an email with your postal address to me at And if anyone wants to donate an hour to help me fold and assemble some, sing out! 😉

4 thoughts on “Bridges Welcome pack

  1. Oh my goodness – the Introducing DID fact sheet thing is amazing. It’s always so hard to explain it or find something to show someone to explain it and it’s just so simple and un-scary and yeah. Wow. Thank you.


  2. Absolutely! If you email me your mailing address, I'll get one in the post for you next week. You can print some things yourself if you'd like, the poster, flyer and fact sheets are all linked to pdf's you can download and print yourself. But very happy to send you one too. 🙂 Sarah


  3. Hi Sarah, That info pack sounds really good and useful. Would it be possible to either mail some to me or to send them via email so I can print them? Kim from Ballarat


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