Completed Ceramics Fundamentals

I have finished my ceramics projects and my journal, on Tuesday I presented my work to the class and tutors. Holidays at last! Everything came together really well, all the little dream beads fired beautifully and matched the Dreamer head really well. I left them at the studio to be re-fired to a higher temperature so they’ll be stronger and less brittle.

Here’s some pics, these are my creations and journal for the term:

 The Dreamer with the dream beads – these go into his head and can be shaken up and then tipped out like throwing dice or casting bones. The little beads all have a stamp of a shape that can then be used to tell a story.

If you missed the development and you’d see my ceramics work in progress, have a look at these:
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2. First Ceramics Creations
3. Ceramics class is going well
4. Ceramics creations

There was an incredible quality of work produced in this class. Unfortunately I ran out of battery so I wasn’t able to take all the pictures I wanted to, but here are some amazing examples of other student’s work. This one shows a really development of idea from the first hand built efforts to complex slab structures woven together with twine:

 A passion for fashion developed into a gorgeous French woman here:

 Originally inspired by animal horns, this student explored glazes, slip and oxides to produce a set of gorgeous shapes:

 Loved the crazy bunnies! Several students in the class clearly have amazing modelling skills:

If you are interested in ceramics and coloured glazes, you may also enjoy the following links I found when I was searching for inspiration on youtube:

I had a wonderful time in this class. The new class next term is sculpture fundamentals which I’m also really looking forward to and expecting to enjoy. But first, some time off! I need to work on my own studio, it’s a chaotic mess and that’s not doing good things to my brain. Happy Easter everyone. 🙂

I appreciate hearing from you

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