I’ve been booked to do facepainting at a party in May, so I’ve been upgrading a couple of my products and making sure my kit is all fresh and ready to go. I’ve been very excited by a new product range called TAG. I’ve previously used Derivan, which are great; non toxic and affordable, but have a couple of drawbacks. The biggest for me is that they dry out in hot weather or if you don’t use them for a long time. Mostly people want face painting during the hotter months, and often outdoors under trees or marquees, so having a liquid facepaint that dries out into a lumpy soupy mix is not a good thing. I’m very low on a couple of colours so I figured it’s time to upgrade to cakes rather than liquids – if these dry out you simply rehydrate them with a wet brush. 🙂

The other thing that really excites me about the professional quality cakes is the split cakes – where more than one colour is put in the same cake. This makes it really easy to load several colours at once onto a sponge or brush. Speed is of the essence when your canvas wriggles about! I would previously get a rainbow by painting all of the rainbow colours one by one onto my sponge. Now I can gently wipe my sponge across my new rainbow cake and viola!

I’ve been doing quite a bit of research online about the next brand of facepaint that would suit my circumstances best and is available locally. It’s a pain if you have a few parties in a week and run out of a colour part way through and have to order a replacement from overseas. I was very happy with the reviews for TAG, particularly the quality of the pearl/metallic colours (whee!) and the way it handles in hot weather. It is also available locally at Kool 4 Kats on Unley Rd. I read through all the products online and worked out my wishlist to make me keep to a budget in store. Then I went in on Friday and the owner kindly demonstrated some of the products for me! So, this is what I came home with:

Left to right, those are half moon sponges, two new large brushes (a flat and a filbert), a regular white, regular royal blue, and pearl white (which when mixed with any other regular colour will make it pearl), a pearl rainbow split cake, glitter puff, and water bottle. See what fun I can get up to when I’m not giving all my money to the vet!

Here’s my new pearl rainbow split cake!! As you can see, the new half moon sponges are the perfect size for them. Imagine how much quicker it is for me to load all of those colours instead of the way I was doing it, by painting each of them onto the sponge with a brush!

And this was my existing face painting collection:

So I’ve been having a ball learning how my new products work and how much water to use to activate the cakes. I’m stoked by the pearl colours, they’ll give me a great deal more versatility in my designs and the new glitter is a puff glitter – there’s no glue in it, it sticks to the wet paint directly instead. That means less ‘paint’ feel on the skin, and as a bonus the glitter takes on the colour of the paint beneath it, which is awesome! Here’s some designs I painted quickly today:

Started with rainbows! Then went on to a shark:

And then a fish:

These are fast and the pearl colours are gorgeous! Really enjoyed myself, can’t wait to do more!

I appreciate hearing from you

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