A poem for Charlie

Hear my song of love,
little white dog
let me wrap you in a spell
where no time passes and
no sickness creeps
only you and I, and the grass and sky
the sunlight falling pearl-white upon your fur
silken-eared, faithful heart
wind in your face and your body next to mine
all of life yet to be lived and no rush to do it
that is my wish for us, little dog
that is the spell my heart would weave

But all things have their seasons and yours is done
long gone the boundless joys of youth
time to be free now, I’ll not hold you here in a world that’s darkening
no pain for you love, no long anguish
just the trust, the loving hand, the light on the grass.
Only peace for you, leave that broken body behind
come here, take up your place in my heart
never sick again,
never again alone or apart.

2 thoughts on “A poem for Charlie

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