Pictures to warm you up

Still sick and miserable. Not taking any more painkillers now because I’ve hit all the warning signs of liver and kidney stress. The levels have reduced enough to make this manageable. My world is currently my bed, my armchair, the tv, and my very nice new phone which I’m terrified of dropping. I’ve signed onto a contract and hopefully will manage not to lose, drop, soak, or otherwise destroy my very fancy new phone before the two years are up! Today I had enough energy to shower and put some pears and cardamom on to stew in my rice cooker. As long as I keep heat and gentle pressure on my face, things are okay. Sarsaparilla is being smoochy and adorable – today I discovered that he loves to have his chest and tummy scratched. He’s never rolled over for a rub before, he really seems to be blossoming. I need to buy a cat tree for him however, as he’s taken to amusing himself by clawing up my nice rug and chewing all the plastic ends on my shoelaces. I have watched a lot of people running around on tv (still can’t focus well enough to read) and amused myself by taking photos with my phone. 

I appreciate hearing from you

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