Sick and unhappy

I’m off the stronger painkillers now and kidney/liver function is bouncing back which is great. I’m having trouble coping with the antibiotics though, and I’m only a quarter through the course. I’ve got a full compliment of quite severe side effects, some of which trigger other allergies I have. The upshot is that my tooth hurts a lot less, my sinuses still hurt a lot, I have new ulcerating skin infections that hurt and itch. So I am feeling in less pain but very miserable, uncomfortable, and depressed. At least off the opiates the hallucinations have settled down. It was a busy couple of nights lying in bed listening to nonexistent people trekking through my unit, using the appliances. (Get your hands off that, that’s MY microwave!) Man it’s a good thing I’m an old hand at this. I’m irritable and stressed and fed up and desperately want to get back to feeling useful and happy and productive and not wanting to crawl out of my skin. Sigh.

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