A good day

Ha haa ha haa! I have had a strange and wonderful day, and I am slightly out of it. I went off to see my long time dentist this morning for a second opinion about my dead tooth and how to tackle it. I was expecting a brief appointment where we talked over my options and I went home again to agonise about my decision and try to scrape together money. The talking part was over in about 2 minutes and I found myself undergoing a root canal on the spot. He condensed procedures normally spread over several appointments to save me money, and cleaned out all the nerves in my tooth. I came home feeling like I’d been hit by a truck (again), had a nap for an hour, got up and tried to look presentable for the rent inspection I’d almost forgotten about, and tried not to accidentally walk into the walls. The inspection went off without a hitch which was fantastic, and I’ve been thrillingly happy and a bit out of it all the rest of the day. There’s lots of little lights in front of my eyes and I am still not driving. But – I’ve just been saved from months of sickness, med reactions, and dental work, AND passed my rent inspection! Hurrah!!! In a couple of months I go back to have the rest of the root canal finished by putting a filling in it all.

I had nightmares in my nap, in one of them a huge storm blew away some beautiful balloons that had been handmade for me by friends and I cried. I woke with a start and realised the storm was trying to tear my back screen door off its hinges, and the new cafe table umbrella in my backyard was in danger of ending up on my roof.

Painfully, my sculpture class all met for the last time tonight to share their amazing final projects and I missed it! I am so frustrated and upset about that, I really wanted to see what everyone came up with! I sat at home with a hot wheat bag on my jaw, watching pretty lights that no one else could see float about the lounge room instead. Damn. 😦

I am excited about getting back into the swing of things, I have a list of artworks people have commissioned, work to do on new group The Gap, DI work to do, a new talk to write, Radio Adelaide things waiting for me to get back to them… the art book project I’ve been wanting to do for over a year… So hard to be patient! And at night, in bed, I find myself weeping because it has been too long now since I’ve made any art, too long since I had ink on my fingers and I feel like a part of me can’t breathe until I get back into my studio. It suddenly looks like I wont spend the next several months recovering from dental visits after all and I can make art instead. I am almost too excited for words as I sip my blended soup. 🙂

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