Sound Minds

Today was a very exciting day, I got to go and spend time with my brilliant voice hearing group Sound Minds. Man, have I missed them! I had to skip more than 15 weeks of the group due to the Peer Work training, and when they changed the dates towards the end of it so I had to miss another 4, I was pretty unhappy. It was so good to be back! What a great bunch of people.

They were all restless and inspired and full of great ideas to improve the group. Sound Minds is the only voice hearers group currently running in SA so we have a lot of need to meet! People were keen for more educational content as well as more opportunities to socialise and get together beyond the group. We’ve booked in another campfire catch-up (assuming the weather holds) and we’re planning a curry day! We also talked about creating some online resources, making some mp3 resources for voice hearers to listen to when reading is too difficult, building our library, and starting an FAQ resource where we could put together our responses to commonly asked questions, for the benefit of other voice hearers or carers or mental health staff. There’s a lot of plans swirling around in my mind. I’d love to help link the group to other groups around Australia or internationally as I know many of the members are not online or getting to go to conferences like I am, so there’s a big supportive community of people out there they haven’t had a chance to be part of yet.

I am so excited about it all, lovely to have some new ideas, so good to be back with the group. I’m not going to be launching into anything yet as I still need a lot of rest and have many other projects on the go in other areas that need attention first. But still, it’s so good to be back. 🙂

I appreciate hearing from you

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