Peacock Shoes

I’ve finished a new pair of Art Shoes! These ones are for a wedding, the bride wanted something creative and comfortable and I was thrilled to get the commission. I was given a swatch of purple fabric that the shoes need to coordinate with, and decided on peacocks as the theme. I used iridescent paints and added extra shimmery pigment to the green tails (which doesn’t  photograph well as it relies on different angles of light to flash with colour). The background is a graduated shade of purple from deep to pale, and the detail is all done with gold paint.
peacock shoes 1 peacock shoes 2 peacock shoes 3

On the inside of the left shoe is the wedding date, so they can be a memento of the big day, one that is a bit more wearable than the dress for future occasions. I’ve had quite a few art commissions bank up over the past weeks as I’ve been ill, I’m so happy to be working my way through the list. It’s a wonderful thing to be spending so much time in my studio, I cherish every minute of it. I’m currently completely obsessed with paint and have many new ideas. I have made the rounds of many local art shops recently and have been admiring the huge standing easels and the bigger canvases. I’ve never painted on a really large scale before and I’m excited to try it. It’s good to have the creative juices flowing again.

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