Art supplies

I have purchased four plain journals and some new art supplies ready to decorate them. I’m glad I’ve new projects to keep me occupied because my anxiety level has been severe lately, and admin tasks are not helping.

On the upside, I have been playing more with my phone and now can not only take photos with it and upload them to this blog (so much less fuss than my camera) but also watermark them first! Some of the apps don’t talk to each other very well so I’m still working on streamlining the process, but so far I’m very pleased and hopeful this will add another element to my blogging that is simple and easy.

In the meantime, crying, journaling, and trying to breathe, and eat. Trickles of new art supplies are drip feeding me with enough moments of excitement and contentment to stave off crisis. Art may be expensive at times, but it is considerably cheaper than hospital. If only I could bill medicare for some canvas. 🙂