I have a new dog :)

Sorry about the missing post yesterday, I had a busy day and was ill all evening. One of the busy things I did was go down to the RSPCA and buy a puppy!

I’ve been keeping an eye here and there on the dogs available locally on various online sites but no one had really stolen my heart. A couple of days I hopped on and this gorgeous little white and red dog was there. I thought she was absolutely beautiful. I slept on it overnight and then late the next day I phoned the RSPCA to see if she was still available. The first person I spoke to sounded irritated, couldn’t find the listing, told me she must have been adopted and was not particularly helpful. I hung up and cried. Then I decided that wasn’t good enough and I called back. This time I got someone a lot more helpful who loaded up the website I was looking at, worked out that there’d been some data input issues, and that the dog was in fact, still available. First thing Wednesday morning I was down at the shelter, meeting this bouncy sweet little 12 week old girl, torn up over all the other lovely dogs I couldn’t rescue, and trying to make it out of there without buying every dog toy in the place. My dishwasher savings have been demolished, but I have a dog at home again!

She is a lovely cross breed, Bull Terrier cross Red Heeler. Both breeds have loads of energy so I expect to have some difficulty keeping up with her until she grows up a bit. They are both extremely loyal and devoted however, and Bull Terriers in particular are my all time favourite dog. I grew up with a lovely Bull Terrier called Samantha, I think they are the most beautiful dog in the world. I will certainly also feel safer home alone or walking at night with her when she gets a bit bigger. 🙂 She doesn’t have a name yet, although I’m down to a short list now. 🙂

Saraparilla is not thrilled but as he is still getting pride of place on my bed it’s not all bad news. I haven’t had a puppy since I was very young, they are really not my preference, I’m quite happy with an older dog. However, with such independent, stubborn breeds like this it is an advantage to start training and socialising young. I am in for a lot of work though! She makes a dreadful racket when left home alone (she shouldn’t keep that up though, they’re not yappy breeds), is very full of beans, and chews everything. I have been madly puppy-proofing my house, which roughly translated means putting everything below 2 feet high into my studio. I bought her a ball, a kong toy, and a chew rope, but considering the short work she’s made of the ball and rope, I think I’m going to need some more toys! I think she’s buried the kong toy because it’s vanished for now. She’s not housetrained yet either. She was found as a stray and taken in to the shelter. No one claimed her so she’s been de sexed, vaccinated, and microchipped. She has a bump on her nose that is healing and needs to go back to the vet shortly to have her stitches removed. I’m thrilled and anxious and slightly overwhelmed and very happy all at once. 🙂

I appreciate hearing from you

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