When I left home yesterday, I decided to keep Zoe indoors while I was gone because she is only a puppy and does make a bit of  a fuss when I leave her. Don’t want to upset the neighbours any more than they already are. The downside is I’m not sure my furniture will still be one piece when I get home, plus toileting indoors. Sigh. Poor darling, she’s so keen and excited but she has a case of Kennel Cough she caught while in the pound. That means she’s contagious so I can’t take her for walks. She also isn’t due for her booster vacs until the end of the month so until then she’s also vulnerable to catching things like Parvo from other dogs. So, she’s been learning to fetch in the backyard instead. 

She is keenly chewing on everything including my couches, books, boxes, tables, paper, tissues, cardboard rolls, and anything else she can reach. 🙂 Training is continuing and she is doing very well with the exception of toilet training. The cold, wet weather has dissuaded her entirely from toileting outdoors. I am having an indoor puppy litter tray delivered, hopefully we can work this out in stages. She is such a sweetheart, she sits for her meals now immediately, she’s bringing a ball back nearly every time, she’s learning she’s not allowed to bother or bark at Sarsaparilla, pretty incredible work for a stray puppy who’s only been here for a week. 

I appreciate hearing from you

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