Baking Day

I went to the dentist again yesterday morning, and had the rest of a root canal done. I never enjoy dental work, although I don’t find it as harrowing as things involving needles. I’ve been trying to work on the needle phobia in therapy lately, there’s a lot of things driving it for me which complicates the process somewhat. But we must be on to something because I was able to relax so deeply at the dentists today I dropped into a light sleep and started dreaming while he was cleaning out my roots. So I’m feeling very thoughtful and interested in learning more. I wish I could afford more frequent appointments but at least medicare covers some.

Anyway, my face is sore and I’m short of sleep so I took the day off. Lounged about, tried to nap, had a bath, did some laundry, then decided to bake. I made double batches of chocolate – banana cupcakes: tangerine cupcakes: and coconut cupcakes: I’m hoping to have enough to take round to all my groups over the next couple of days. 🙂
Looking good so far 🙂 Shame about all the dishes though!

I appreciate hearing from you

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