Zoe At The Beach

Zoe is settling in well. She’s working out the idea behind toilet training, is slowly getting the rules about not chasing cats, and getting as many cuddles as one puppy can manage. However, keeping an active puppy home all the time is hugely challenging and she is chewing everything she can fit into her mouth.

So the other day I took her to a quiet beach with no other dogs around. She was a bit anxious at first.

But it was a beautiful day.

A sea breeze was blowing foam from the water.

She isn’t a water baby at all, the waves freaked her right out. The foam was blowing in big piles onto the sand.

And that she thought was fantastic, she chased it up and down the beach, trying to eat it and getting foam on her nose.

That night she rewarded me by tearing madly around the house at 2am, leaping over furniture and colliding with things. I’m not making as much progress as I’d like on wearing her out! She’s not got the idea of sleeping through the night either, so she’s banished from my room at the moment, she can amuse herself until I’ve had some decent shut eye. It’s going well though, I’m very attached and loving the company, and she’s clearly very happy and feeling at home. 🙂

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