Salad In A Jar

I’d heard of these all over the net and always wanted to try one. (some recipes ideas here) The other day I made this the night before and then took it to work. Yuuuum! Beware of two things however – watery tomatoes make for about 3x as much salad dressing the next day, and you can stuff a lot of salad into a little jar, don’t over-cater! I love having regular work. I love having a work fridge to put my food in, and a desk to eat at. I love feeling like I have a right to be there and use the utensils and not have to ask anyone’s permission or concentrate on not cringing around the ‘real’ staff. I love it. 🙂
You can make up to 5 of these on Sunday night and they will all stay fresh in your fridge until you need them each day. There’s a lot of different flavour options out there, the key is basically to keep the greens and other ingredients that start to spoil when exposed to dressing right up the top where they stay dry, and use the ingredients like cucumber and tomato that will kind of pickle and soak up all the flavour of the dressing for the bottom layer. If you like your dressing well mixed, blend it or put it in a food processor, that will keep the oil and acids blended for a long time. I don’t care and I hate doing dishes so I just pour my dressing ingredients in as is and shake it up a bit before I eat it. Start by pouring in the dressing then layer all the other ingredients in on top. Have fun!

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