Bamboo sculpture project

In Sculpture class a couple of weeks ago, we came in to find this:Our latest project is to turn the pile of bamboo, and any other sticks or twigs we want to scrummage, into a bare sculpture, something like ‘sketching in 3-D’ with lots of raw lines. We have to recreate a life size piece of domestic furniture. I stripped a length of bamboo and got to work:
My furniture item was going to be a bed until the tutor said ‘life sized’, then I down graded it to a bassinet, until he said ‘reasonably large’, so I’m making a cot. It’s a standard size cot with one removable wall, just the frame so far:
When they’re finished in a couple of weeks, we’ll be setting them up in an empty theatre and creating a light show with them. I’m excited about it!

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