The Harmonic Project

I went to an amazing concert the other day, something quite unlike anything else I’ve experienced.Picture yourself on a cushion on the floor of a big lovely church hall. Above you is a high roof with exposed beams, in front of you is a stage festooned with unusual instruments, candles, and fragrant roses…
The music was so beautiful and gentle, my girlfriend and I just lay down with everyone else around us, I held her hand and let it wash over me. I drifted in and out of sleep, I could feel the warmth of bodies all around me, hippy types resting peacefully, everyone breathing gently together, no fear, even the smell of strangers not jangling, only peace, only peace.
I don’t often know peace in church. (I’ve certainly never kissed a woman in one before.)
It was a special kind of night. The music was ambient ‘world’, made from many instruments with a history of being used in holy ceremonies. It was all improvised and rhythmic, like rain falling and softening and falling again, like breathing or the beating of a great, slow, gentle heart. 
They describe their work as Sound Meditation and I certainly found it to be that. The concert was launching their new CD, which I very much recommend, I’ve given my copy to my friend with the new baby as I think they need it more than I do at the moment. 🙂
If you’d like to know more, have a look atThe Harmonic ProjectHeather Frahn (she has a show coming up at the Feast Festival here in SA)Or listen to:Cosmic Tone Drum

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