New Journals

Finishing a journal is always a slightly fraught time. I need another journal like I need air, the anxiety spikes until I have one. Choosing one is difficult for a multiple. We generally all write in the same journal, except for when writing at the computer, or out and about on buses etc when we write in an Evernote app on the phone. This means each journal needs to be acceptable to everyone in the system, else some will refuse to write in it. Sometimes journals get abandoned part way through for this reason. A single journal just makes tracking down a particular bit of writing so much easier than looking through 15 journals that each cover many years. Most of my journals cover a few months to a year depending on their size. I have over 30 now, as I’ve been writing since 14.

This time we decided to buy a bunch at once. Maybe they wont have to be so exact if there’s a collection of other types waiting to be used next.

The next thing then is to find some more time to write in them. I keep adding new things into my life and I’m watching the overflow spill out. Poetry cannot become one of those things that spills.

I appreciate hearing from you

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