Next year is creeping up on me (don’t even think about mentioning Christmas) and I’m turning over in my mind what I want to do in it. I need a break, that much is clear. I’m thinking of taking January off, fixing up my car, and doing some travelling… It’s been forever since I’ve been out under the stars!

My Aceda contract wraps up at the end of this year, possibly a bit earlier depending on what happens with funding rounds etc. A job I’ve been keeping my ear to the ground about has just been advertised, it’s the women’s worker with Bfriend… an area very close to my heart! GLBTIQ supports are a passion of mine and I’d love to work in that field… on the other hand, working at Aceda, whilst WONDERFUL has pretty much put a complete stop to work on the DI, and that can’t go on.

On the other side of the coin, I have turned down about 5 face painting gigs since I started work at Aceda because I’m too short of time and energy to manage them… I love the facepainting. I have a gig this Saturday morning at the Christies Beach fair and I’m really looking forward to it. It’s fun and arty and I get to spend time with little kids and big kids and see fairs and hang out with some really cool people. It doesn’t wear me out the way mental health/community services work does, I still have some oomph left over to work on DI resources…

I have a website I was developing that ground to a halt, many requests for art prints I haven’t had time to fix up, requests to purchase original artwork I haven’t got back to yet… my arts practice has taken a bit of a back seat lately and I’m thinking it’s time to turn the tables.

Plus, there’s an awesome facepainting convention happening in Melbourne next year. And I have independent peer work gigs lined up for a couple of the big mental health conventions too. That’s going to be pretty hard to work in if my week is already packed with regular work and the art degree. I want some room to be able to attend interesting events and fit in extra work as it happens. I also want a less manic schedule, more time to chill with friends, have dinner parties, watch movies, go to the theatre…

My life has changed so much this year, it’s incredible. I’ve been very driven and working hard, I’m feeling it’s time for a change of pace, just for a little while. There’s some hard decisions to make, some challenging things (like the paperwork involved with being self-employed), some adjustments… but it’s so good to have options and choices. I want the space in my life to be able to drop things and make room for a sudden 3 week workshop on supporting trans people, or relationships with multiples, or sex after abuse, or… I want more weekends spent camping. I want to slow down and enjoy what I’ve got. I want to spend more time in my studio. I want to go on a trip around Australia and develop more DI resources for people with dissociation. I want a little more fun and a little less stress. Less tonsillitis would also be a bonus. At some point I want to take out 6 months and write a book.

Just thinking it all through. As a wise friend said to me recently, it doesn’t have to be a forever decision. I can try something out for 6 months or a year, see how it goes. Change my mind. Find a new opportunity…

But I went to the pride march recently with my face painted and got a massive response, heaps of people asking for a business card. It seems the queer community are perhaps short of facepainters? I hear my name being called… 🙂

I appreciate hearing from you

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