Body Painting glove project

This is the final project I ‘submitted’ for my Concept Development class; my own left arm. I decided on a brocade inspired glove with a variegated background and bronze metallic overlay.

This is my first decent size body painting art work and I am hooked. I got a lot of comments and compliments, and a couple of offers to model for me too. 🙂 I guess it’s the weather for that now!

The inside of the glove ‘opens’ to show bare skin and a poem.

 I decided to paint the poem with black skin paint rather than my usual ink. It’s more time consuming but more harmonious. I quite like the script that my no 2. brush creates when I flatten the tip too. I’m learning more with each project about how to handle the brushes and paint. It’s exciting.

The poem reads:
This is my skin
where I keep my bones
where I wrap my dreams
Sometimes it sings
Some days it screams

This is my skin:

It is beautiful.

I must admit the quality of the brush work could be improved, the bronze design changes in size and thickness as I progressed… It must surely be considerably easier to paint other people’s skin, it took a hell of a lot of patience yesterday morning to paint my own elbow in the mirror!! 

I appreciate hearing from you

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