Body Painting

So, do we have any Beatles fans in the audience today?
“You’re as bad as your sister, coming home from work all hours as all colours.”

Tee hee hee! This was me at 2am this morning. In some ways, it feels like my entire life has been building to this point: body painting. I’m the oddball kid who used to turn up to church with flames painted in eyeshadow on my fingers. To a casual clothes days at school with dots painted in watercolours on my throat. I discovered that gems can be glued to your skin using clear nail polish (these days I recommend liquid latex instead). I’ve been trialling different colour and poem combinations for my project due in today. I will be submitting my left arm.

I can’t tell you how happy that makes me. Love my life.

This is inspired by my long tradition of writing poems on my wrist as a self harm alternative. I love the idea of combining poems with body paint. It just sings to me.

I appreciate hearing from you

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