I’m off On a Holiday!

I’m writing to you tonight from the top bunk of my room in Newcastle. I’m thrilled. My girlfriend and I are on a trip to visit some of her people and have a break from the heat and illness that have taken up a lot of the start this year for us… So ironically enough, at around 2am this morning, I had a sudden flair up of an extremely painful mystery skin condition, when I needed to be on a 6am flight! The pain was terrible, and I wound up booking an appointment with a GP in Sydney this afternoon. My frustration was so great that at 3am I was sobbing into my girlfriends shoulder. But we actually pulled of a great day today anyway!

I coped really well with the flight, no phobic stress or troublesome switching, although I did become distressingly travel sick. Virgin airplane staff were super kind and helpful with ice and ginger beer which was lovely. The Sydney doc thinks I’ve developed another form of dermatitis that burns like acid on my skin and has prescribed a cream and anti inflammatories. I seem to be collecting unusual skin conditions, which I’m frankly furious about. I would like at some point to trade them all in for, say, a cat run.

I spent a wonderful afternoon trundling around Paddy’s Market and buying lovely little items to add to my personal grounding kit (search for this term in my blog if you’re not familiar with it) foodie nibbles, and gothy jewellery. It was wonderful. Then we caught the train over to Newcastle (here I am on it)
ate some instant pasta and lovely fruit we bought at the markets, showered, applied creams and bug spray liberally, and crashed out by the cool breeze coming in the open windows.

You know something I’m still getting used to, dating another woman for the first time, is the way you share space differently. Picture yourself out on a date. It’s going well, you’re feeling excited. You decide to duck off to the loo to toilet, fix your hair, check for food in your teeth, text your best friend, talk to yourself in the mirror, whatever, and as you excuse yourself and leave, your date says ‘that’s a good idea’ and follows you in. o.O It’s a little bit of a different dynamic! I still find it a bit surreal to be showering in the cubical next to my girlfriend on holidays and the like. Not bad, just different. Sometimes less convenient, and sometimes more intimate. You have to put care into creating thoughtful partner space because cultural gender segregation hangups won’t do it for you. It’s certainly been very interesting noticing things like this.

I’ve also come to the conclusion that gothic proclivities have prepared me well to cope with public stares, discomfort, and occasional rudeness when you’re obviously in a gay relationship. I’m used to those reactions when I’m done up goth, so it hasn’t hit as hard to be getting them for holding my girlfriend’s hand down at the local pool, or taking her out to dinner. A lot of the time I simply don’t notice. Sometimes it hurts. Sometimes it makes me feel sad for the other person and where they’re coming from. Sometimes it makes me angry. And sometimes it makes me laugh, especially when people seem to think that their disapproval is going to cower me! It can be funny, the power people think they have over you. 🙂 If they’re particularly obnoxious I amuse myself by irritating them by being particularly affectionate with her as they stare daggers, mutter, snort, or pretend not to notice. It certainly gives me something to do on long train trips ha haa!

I appreciate hearing from you

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