A Day at the Beach

Today kind of sucked, fibro pain levels were bad, I didn’t get enough sleep, and Rose is all tied up with night shifts on the weekends at the moment and we’re missing her. So my sister and Zoe and I went off to the beach. It was really nice. My admin is still terrifying since I’ve been sick so much this year and I’m really behind. Some days I’m making good progress with it, other days if I even look at my to do list I’m going to spontaneously combust. Today was the latter. So we hung around down at the back with capsicum dip and a block of chocolate. 

I was feeling a bit bad lately about how I’m posting up photos of Tonks but so few of Zoe or Sars lately. Then I remembered that Sars visits for about 1/2hr a day total (3 ten min visits generally to eat) and Zoe is bloody difficult to capture on film, even with the sports/action mode. I took about 50 photos today to get a few good ones of her, and that was with my sister holding her on the lead! Here’s a small sampling of what my usual efforts to photograph her look like:

Now I’m going to think about dinner and putting colours in my hair. 

I appreciate hearing from you

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