Holding my childhood to ransom turns 2!

Wow, I’ve just noticed that it was the 2 year anniversary of this blog yesterday! I’ve so far published 684 blog posts, and had 137,500 page views. I currently average about 8,000 page views a month.I’ve become a lot more erratic about publishing this year, I used to be a reliable, publish every day blogger, but my life got more complicated, more people are in it who I don’t want to expose in my blog, and I’ve had less time to think carefully and edit ‘opinion pieces’ about mental health and suchlike so I’ve slowed down a lot. This kind of frustrates me, but it’s just how things are at the moment. I’m thinking about how I want things to be here for the next year.

My most popular ever posts (in order) are:

The most common search keywords that bring people to my blog are about dissociative identity disorder, self harm, and suicide. My primary audience is people in the US, followed by those here in Australia, followed by the UK.

It all started with this post What am I up to at the moment? as I intended basically to share the development of my art projects such as my first pair of painted shoes called Happy Shoes. Within a few days I’d realised that I could use the blog to share mental health information. Bridges, the peer-led support group I help run for people with dissociation and/or multiplicity, started at the same time as this blog, so I started sharing the topics I’d developed to discuss in the group on this blog. The first one was on Managing Triggers. At the time I was a full time carer for a family member who was suffering from severe ‘mental illness’ and chronically suicidal. I chronicled my hospital visits on this blog in posts such as Planning new shoes, and then later shared my thoughts about being a carer with posts like Caring for someone who’s suicidal.

I lost my rat Pippi, my dog Charlie, and my cat Loki. I lost my foster cat Abbie, and fostered until their adoption Cleo and Tiger. I got my dog Zoe, my cat Sarsaparilla, and my kitten Tonks.

I was allocated a unit through Housing SA. I came out as multiple and bisexual and shared my early experiences connecting with other queer people. I reflected on the blog turning one. Bridges celebrated it’s first birthday with a Mad Hatter Tea Party. I started dating online. I fell in love.

I developed the logo for the Dissociative Initiative, helped write the constitution and founded the board. I shared my personal library of mental health books. I started getting angry about the lack of conversations about sex and mental illness. I started writing a series of posts about emotionally safer sex.

I spoke with the Prime Minister, at Parliament House, read poetry in Broken Hill, exhibited a poem for the Ekphrastic Exhibit, had a paper about managing dissociative experiences published, and put on my first solo art exhibition. I gave talks about Creativity and Mental Health, about Recovery to Tafe students, about DID at Mifsa, and about Voices and Dissociation at the Voices Conference in Victoria and others.

I started a degree in Visual Arts, finished a Cert IV in Mental Health Peer Work, a Cert III in Microbusiness Operations, and part of a Cert III in Media, as well as a number of short courses.

I facilitated The Gap for same-sex attracted women aged 18 – 40, Blue Skies for people with food and/or body issues, Sound Minds for people who hear voices, Bridges, and several online groups.

I shared quick tips for bloggers and suggestions about starting your own blog and reflected on the process in blogging is strange, and why bother blogging. I started face painting, and then turned it into a business. I met my beautiful god-daughter Sophie. I baked airplane cupcakes. I turned 30. I struggled with depression and found my way through. I got sick often and then got better.

I shared a lot of art, my journey at college, wrist poems, mental health articles, and poetry. The ‘voice’ of the blog changed over time as who in my system was writing changed.

It’s been an interesting and productive couple of years! I wonder where I’ll be by year 3? Thanks for reading, commenting, sharing, and walking it with me. xxx

I appreciate hearing from you

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