Ink tattoos

I’ve been working very hard again on my admin list. One of the more fun things I did today was finally spend an art voucher I won for an ink painting last year, on a new set of brushes for temporary skin tattoos. Then I sorted a box and a set of holders for them.
Very swish! The tattoo i created on myself in the workshop is still going strong, ten days later and a camping trip included!
In other news I accidentally whacked my face on a gate handle the other day and feel like someone hit me with a steel pole!
I’ve had a lot of trouble with my blog all of a sudden and had to migrate it across to WordPress while I try to fix things. The links may or may not work for you but at least the content is safe. It’s my lovely girlfriend Rose’s birthday today and I’m making the cake so I’ll probably be around Facebook more than the blog for a couple of days. The recent camping trip was great but tiring, it’s a lot of work for such a short stay. I’m hoping to get back to Broken Hill shortly to catch up with my favourite poets. One last photos for today: Rose bought me a beautiful rainbow swirl hand dyed bedspread which has just arrived in the post… Tonks approves too.

I appreciate hearing from you

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