New aftercare cards!

Just arrived in the post! I’m so excited! Now I have a very pretty one suitable for kids or adults who get face or body paint, and the orange one is for glitter tattoos and all temporary at made with skin safe adhesive. Whoo hoo! They are both easy to read with quote large fonts for this size card, and the orange one I was a little worried about is fine!


Yesterday I just ordered a new one for the temporary tattoo inks I’ve been learning to use too… It’s all happening! I’ve also secured public liability insurance, so making headway on the long long list of admin. I love the feeling of making progress, keeps me motivated through the drudgery. I’ve also ordered some sweet little party gifts for children’s birthday parties but they’re a surprise so no sneak peak photos ;-). Now I’m back off to bake the truly incredible six layer birthday cake I’m working on for Rose’s party this weekend. Loving all the creativity in my life at the moment. Happy sigh.

I appreciate hearing from you

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