Tonks is having a good day

I can’t really say the same. This is what my loungeroom currently looks like. I’m also columns deep into various excel spreadsheets, trying to sort out all the records for my business. I didn’t know how to set this up when I fell into my business last year, so it’s a nightmare mess. I’ve been at it all for a lot of hours now and I’m starting to flag. I have paperwork due tomorrow that I simply can’t get ready in time without the help of an accountant, which I’m in the process of organising. Still, I’m making progress, and I haven’t had a panic attack. I think that once I’ve got my record keeping paperwork and files set up, I’ll be okay, data entry is fine it’s knowing what records need keeping and trying to work out an efficient way of keeping them that’s causing so much of the stress.


I’m keeping pretty cool because last night I had a great time out at my local goth club. Bit of a boost before the crushing reality of our modern ‘paperless’ office, ha. Here’s the face paint I designed for the occasion:


And, as promised, a photo of Tonks. He and Sars are getting along really well these days. Here they are cuddling on my couch. He’s currently asleep on my pile of paperwork marked ‘VIP Business Docs’.



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