Many wonderful developments

It’s been a brilliant day here! I provided body art for a mental health stigma reduction event this morning, secured a whole bunch more gigs this afternoon (I am busy! I am basically booked out for all of October!), then collected the mail which included my new exciting dog crate which will make it possible, I hope, to sleep over other places including camping with Zoe!! I also got my new henna aftercare cards, my new updated post cards, and my new cheapie fountain pen to replace my lovely lost one. I feel like a poet again! One cannot be a poet without a fountain pen. Well… it’s better to have one anyway.

Then I did a whole lot more business admin (Sarsaparilla helped)
And read a bit more about anarcho-syndicalism to see how it might be relevant for creating powerful groups in mental health, more indepth info here. Tonight I’m going to hang out with friends and have pizza. Tomorrow I’m going to sleep. It’s been good day. 🙂

I appreciate hearing from you

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