My Garden

I came back from Melbourne to a wonderful surprise, my Mum had done hours of work in my garden. The lawn is mulched, most of the plants that could be planted out have been, and the rest have been grouped together for easy watering. I love it so much! So does Sarsaparilla who spends most of his time sunning himself outdoors these days.

I have a lot of herbs, some fruit trees (fig, lemon, lime, mandarin, pomegranate etc) and beautiful flowers all mixed in together. Here’s some pansies next to my old lounge out there:

This is my new favourite place to sit. It’s a bit sheltered so my really stressful neighbor can’t see me. I love eating breakfast out there or having a cuppa late at night. Between the new garden, and the great work area for my business stuff (in my dining room) I’ve fallen back in love with my home. I’m really really sad at the prospect of moving out sometime. I’ve planned more herbs and flowers and I’m watching all my roses bloom. I’m so happy to be here.




We’ve been starting to go to house inspections which is super exciting. 🙂  Rose and my sister are hoping to move in together somewhere very close to me, with the idea that sometime mid next year I’ll join them. This staggers the big move a bit, gives pets a chance to get used to each other and keeps lots of backup plans in place in case something doesn’t work as well as we’d hoped. I’m feeling very settled and very blessed. 🙂

I appreciate hearing from you

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